Libra woman compatibility

Libra teaches that all relationships require compromise, to ensure the endurance of any relationship, while keeping the commitment of the partnership in mind. They can be very gullible, lacking the ability to probe deeper into a situation or person. The scales hold the lessons of relationships, harmony, justice, balance and equality. Be on your best behavior. Libra in Love and Relationships In Love, Libras are one of the most romantic and soft-hearted of the zodiac. Diplomatic, Libras love justice and are naturally great mediators. As the first sign that falls directly opposite another on the circle, Libra represents the first sign that actually necessitates a relationship. The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the archetype of harmony, balance and beauty.

Libra woman compatibility

The Lady of Justice Positive Qualities: The Libra often has a pleasant expression on their face, wearing a smile. Due to the Libran nature, their scales cause them to change from being fair and gentle to immediately becoming very argumentative. Their life lesson is to speak from the heart. In general, when she decides to be with someone, she will be committed and loyal. Their motivation is a desire to be fair. This inevitably leads to a state of self-pity and taking the role of a victim. Also, once her need to razzle and dazzle her lover is complete she begins to lose interest … unless she is ready for her next performance of enchantment. Be sure to smile and say hello every time you see them. Negative Personality Traits of Libra A darker side of Libra may not be the first thing you spot, but it is sure to reveal itself eventually. They have a tendency of being over-indulgent at times. Rose, Hydrangea, and Cosmos Trees: You sacrifice for the marriage, the relationship, the partnership, and in doing so you are greatly rewarded. Polished and refined, charming, harmonious, diplomatic, easy-going nature Best Quality: However, she can be too focused on other people and forget who she is in the process. They adore being happily coupled. If you understand her deeply enough you will be able to trust her, but only if you feel her emotions. Libras magic is being able to see the multiple sides of a situation. Not being honest to protect themselves from undesirable feelings, leading others on and avoidance of dealing with difficult situations can prove very destructive for the Libra. This will make her show initiative when in love, even when it is not the time, nor the place to do so. Indecisiveness is the symptom of seeing all the sides, as they are the bridge builder, the peace maker. Libra Woman Likes and Dislikes She is just, loyal, committed and tactful. Libras are the sign of partnerships and marriage. When the scale is down they will need some time to recuperate and regain strength. This is very important to the health and well-being of a relationship with a Libra. In love, Libras are superb listeners.

Libra woman compatibility

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  1. Associated with enemies, the law, the courts, justice, fashion and design, art, partnerships and relationships, the Libra scales seek harmony, equality and balance.

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