Mathura uttar pradesh india

It is also a hub for production of milk based sweet meats, prominent among them being mathura Pedas and burfis. Mathura is popularly known as the "Brajbhoomi", the sacred land of Lord Krishna. Once the brush work is over, the figures are adorned with colourful stars and mica pieces to make them attractive. Sports[ edit ] Traditional sports like kabbadi, gilli danda, etc. Other sports like netball, hockey and swimming are also popular. The residents or natives of Mathura are called Brijwasi. The aim was to show operational ability in high intensity, short duration and 'sudden' battles.

Mathura uttar pradesh india

Barsana's Latthamar and Pushpmar Holi are especially famous. In this dance, a woman balances a column of deepikas on her head and dances to the accompaniment of Rasiya songs by the menfolk. Sports[ edit ] Traditional sports like kabbadi, gilli danda, etc. It hosts Strike Infantry units, air defence units, armoured divisions, engineer brigades, artillery Units and classified units of Strategic Forces Command. Allahabad has also played a leading role in development of Hindi and Urdu literature. This is the official website of , Uttar Pradesh, India. Other sports like netball, hockey and swimming are also popular. The Mayor of the city is Mr. Public infrastructure[ edit ] Economy and industry[ edit ] One of the major contributors in the economy of Uttar Pradesh are Mathura Industries. Mathura attracts many tourists and pilgrims through out the year. Member of Parliament[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Before Hindi and until past few centuries, Brajbhasha used to be the dominant language in literature. Group of Institutions including K. Spanning over a month, various kinds of Holi celebrations take place in the city. The aim was to show operational ability in high intensity, short duration and 'sudden' battles. The Mathura School of Art is one of the important school that was famous for its own style and creativity. The tourist attractions reflecting the religious importance of Mathura are: The buzz of life as usual, fervour of visiting devotees, chiming temple bells and melodious chanting, all offer Ayodhya a singular spiritual ambience. In during Exercise Ashwamedha, all the armoured, artillery and infantry divisions performed a simulation of an overall NBC nuclear-chemical-biological environment. Every nook and corner of the city reverberates with the music of flute that was played by Lord Krishna in his youth. This dialect is characteristic with the Braj and known as Brajbhasha. It gained prominence when Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula shifted the capital of Awadh from Faizabad to this city in The Braj culture has been expressed widely through various practices. Administration[ edit ] Region of Mathura was added to British territory in A. Visit the state to experience the rich culture. Situated in the Faizabad district, Ayodhya is counted as one of the seven sacred cities in the Hindu faith. Several eminent national leaders were born on this land.

Mathura uttar pradesh india

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  1. Mathura has many legendary and historical stories attached to it which makes the place all the more special. Travel to Mathura Mathura, the place of Krishna devotees, houses a number of temples, ghats and ancient Kunds, which depicts the diverse episodes of Lord Krishna's life.

  2. Mathura sees heightened activities during the major festivities dedicated to Krishna. Shri Krishana Janma Bhoomi- This sacred place is thronged by tourists from all religions all through the year Vishram Ghat- This is the place where Lord Krishna took rest after killing his maternal uncle, Kansa Gita Mandir- This temple represents the creativity of Mathura School of Art Dwarkadheesh Temple- This Temple is the main center of attraction Government Museum- The museum has the rare collection of artifacts of the Gupta and the Kushan period Love and devotion rules the city of Mathura which gives the place a colorful and vibrant look.

  3. It is an inseparable part of the Holi celebrations and all other festive occasions at Mathura. The percentage of birth of order 3 and above is quite high at

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