Moth nyc events

Find local events on our maps! How do I find an event to participate in? The light over your house front door can be your mothing setup. Where do I put it? Also, moths typically have a reputation of being drab, dull pests. You can have activities for kids, moth related food and whatever else you can think about.

Moth nyc events

Pre-schoolers through teenagers usually love mothing for many reasons. Use a guide book. Do I have to participate in an event through a nature center or local group? Just hanging out in your backyard looking at moths totally counts as a mothing event. A greater diversity of moths typically means there is a greater diversity of plant species, which leads to a greater diversity of other species as well. What equipment do I need to moth? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions: Why should I care? The light over your house front door can be your mothing setup. Moths can be important bioindicators. I collected moth data! More information on how to attract moths can be found here. All you need to attract moths is an outdoor light and a surface for the moths to rest on. Why should I have an event in my own backyard? Moths are a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door, or perhaps in your home. Your backyard is a ready-made, always available natural habitat in which to observe moths. There are a couple of options for urban mothing. Also, moths typically have a reputation of being drab, dull pests. The very most basic thing you need is an outdoor light source to attract moths next to a surface for them to rest on. I found some moths! More advanced mothers hang sheets between trees or poles or use stand-alone mothing sheets and mercury vapor or UV lights. Find local events on our maps! They can help us monitor food plant populations and they are important food sources for many nocturnal AND diurnal organisms. Your own backyard is a great place to host friends and neighbors for a mothing event. Baiting can be done in both summer and winter months. What do you do with it? At our mothing events, we generally use a paintbrush to apply the bait to trees a short distance from our lighting set up.

Moth nyc events

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The Moth -- storytelling on radio and live events.

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  1. Will they hate it? Absolutely — urban areas are often home to a surprising amount of biodiversity.

  2. The most important thing you should do is register your event so it will appear on the National Moth Week map.

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