My bhabhi sex

I found her in the kitchen washing some dishes. You fucker naps, slowly. It thought this was a chance of making love with bhabhi. Oh, I was on the 9th sky. Finally I was about to cum.

My bhabhi sex

Aahhhhhhh it was so good to kiss those pink lips. Teri behan ko bhi chut bhi chuss. Then I and piya switched to 69, I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my dick. Fuck, they both were kissing so passionately. Parents were out for a family function and bro accompanied them, leaving me, bhabhi and my sister alone. She has a very bad habit of teasing me with her boobs and catching my dick whenever we are on dining table. I then inserted my hand in her t-shirt and then in her bra and started pinching her nipples. You fucker naps, slowly. And the service is all free. Then we all three went to the bathroom and lied in the bathtub we had. I started kissing bhabhi then with passion. Piya was lying on bed and bhabhi licked her pussy then. I hope you all loved the story. I removed her bra too and started sucking her huge melon tits. I started lip kissing her. She got angry but then she calmed. Meanwhile bhabhi, went near my dick and took my dick in her pinky pussy and started moving up and down. Piya continued kissing bhabhi and pressing her huge boobs in the meanwhile. I made both of them lie on bed. Then I slept on bed and piya came on top. This is Naps, with a more thrilling and horny story of how I fucked my bhabhi and my sister together on 1 bed. Piya, press my tits harder u bitch. This continued for a few mins. She loves the way I pamper her and take care of her whenever she is alone. She sucked my cock like a lollypop. Kindly write your precious reviews to me at naps gmail. Bhabhi had a special request that day, she said she never tried doggy style and so asked me to fuck her in doggy style.

My bhabhi sex

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