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To the left, facing the door, are the Arms of the Diocese of Mauritius, whose early Bishops exercised Episcopal oversight over the young missionary church in East Africa before its own Bishop had been appointed. These twin towers above the Transept are only seen in one other Cathedral, that of Exeter, in England. There is also the vellum scroll of the Arms of the Diocese of Mombasa as granted by the college of Heralds in London obtained by Dr. He moved to Rabai 15 miles inland from Mombasa and built the church which is still standing and in use. From the cross streams out the light of the resurrection across the dark blue of the midnight sky; and the stars, like all the Saints, reflect the light of the Christ in the darkness around. The South Tower houses the Organ.

Nairobi ladies

These were designed by Mr. The Chapter House Following the sign to the offices, which will lead you to the Chapter house. To the left of the sword is a large pewter offertory plate. Now go up the steps towards the door into the choir vestry, passing on the way the memorial to those in Kenya who died in two world wars, and also a memorial to Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement. Gladys Beecher, the wife of Archbishop Beecher. He is often known for his great love for animals and St. Take a look our escort girls location to find one near you. The bells which came from the famous bell foundry at Loughborough in England do not swing but they are struck by clappers controlled by a keyboard of wooden handles in the belfry, played as a carillon. The Communion Table or Altar is carved with the fruits of the earth, wheat and grapes and was presented for use in the new Chancel as a memorial to Archdeacon William Arthur Pitt-Pitts who was Chaplain to Bishop Heywood in The tower stood by itself for several years and was three sides only and open at the top until the Transept was built and the tower raised to present height. Below the Chapter House and Ambulatory is the Crypt. The second two windows are the first of St. From here a small door opens onto a spiral wooden stairway to the bell loft. If you walk past the Communion Table, you will see on the left the Throne or Cathedra a Greek word meaning chair of the Bishop. Those seated behind the pillars or in the Transepts can see what is happening in the Chancel, at the communion Table or the preacher in the pulpit, or they can follow the wording of the Creed and hymns from the screens The nave is filled with permanent pews. The case was made by Dr. Near this corner is the large marble Baptismal Font made in England and donated to the Cathedral in by Mrs. The Transept marked the end of the Cathedral until the Chancel was built. Over the door hang the Arms of the See of Canterbury, since the Archbishop of Canterbury remains the titular head of the Anglican Communion throughout the world. North aisle stained glass windows Turn now and enter the side Aisle of the Nave as you walk to the West end or the back of the Cathedral, you will see the first two stained glass windows. To the right of the sword another small glass case contains an old wooden mallet used by Bishop William G. The first depicts the figure of justice who carries in her hand scales in which envy, hatred and malice are being weighed against faith, hope and charity. At the center is the star of Bethlehem, surrounded by the crown of thorns and the cross of Jesus. He died in The seats or stalls as they are called are given the names of saints and these can be seen written on them. He moved to Rabai 15 miles inland from Mombasa and built the church which is still standing and in use. The right-hand stalls are the seats officially reserved for the diocesan Bishops of the province.

Nairobi ladies

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