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Be careful what you wish for. Conversations with Michael Penn and Foghat's Roger Earl For me, the collaboration is sort of akin to working with a lyricist. It's also nice to be working on well-written shows because you don't have things happen that are contradictory to actual human behavior. It is very different from writing a song because writing a song you just start with a blank piece of paper and you go to town, but there's an ebb and flow to this. I think maybe we need a helping hand, we're getting old, you know. I would love to do something like that again, but right now, I'm too busy, which is a great problem to have. We just released a live DVD, which you probably know about. It's because music is now viewed as data, and data's supposed to be free.

New sexgirls

But it's fun, I'd do it again if the opportunity arose. But it's a party and you're just inviting all your friends! Well that's the model, though, isn't it. When I did this song for Girls, I really had to get back in voice and all of that stuff. I never actually sought those gigs out, but I really do love producing. It was a very tough period for me right away. But I have a number of friends and I've met many, many men and women that have been in the military and over the years I have a great respect for them, I really do, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The collaborative nature of that is not like a committee, they're both really pleasurable in that way. I saw him last year at the Iridium Jazz Club in Manhattan. I don't really have time. I've never had that bug. Well, I would hope so. Hey, what advice do you have for new artists? Yeah, in those immortal words, "We're going to roll 'til we roll and rock 'til we drop! How often is it your job to add extra subtext into the scene if the shot doesn't quite capture it? Maybe I shouldn't go there. Let's see, words of wisdom But I have friends that are over there like sons, I have a nephew in England who is a captain in the English army that was over there, he's out of it now. He's a really cool guy. When we were down in Florida for the last two or three weeks we'd sit outside until two or three in the morning just playing and then forget to turn ont he recorder, oh dear. There are other aspects that make it a very enjoyable thing for me. I listen to Jeff Beck and I have no idea who influenced him with that level of playing. Michael, what advice do you have for new artists? We met him down in Florida, he came to one of the shows down there. They did slow ride on a Firestone commercial, one of the fans told me about it. Oh, I've never had the acting bug.

New sexgirls

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  1. After the Aaliyah story became public knowledge, other women came forward with allegations. You're working with a team now.

  2. I get the feeling that I might not have made it out of there if I'd been in the war. It's all I ever wanted to do when I was a little kid and I first started listening to music and riding my bike to school and singing Jerry Lee Lewis songs and Johnny Cash songs.

  3. I was sitting there saying, "I've always wanted to do a Johnny Cash song" and this other guitar player I was writing with at the time actually did a version of "Folsom Prison Blues," which is great.

  4. Do you feel like having been a lyricist and a singer-songwriter gives you a certain edge for storytelling in the scenes you're providing music for?

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