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Ambrose, about Christian Father. Its earliest representative is the Gothic, preserved for us in the translation of the scriptures by the Gothic Bishop Ulfilas about A. The following authors deserve mention: The Old Persian was the official language of the court, and appears in a number of so-called cuneiform [2] inscriptions, the earliest of which date from the time of Darius I sixth century B. Terence, about B.

Nix latin

Martial, about about A. The other stream is the colloquial idiom of the common people, which developed ultimately in the provinces into the modern so-called Romance idioms. Few of these are of any length. Tibullus, about B. Lucretius, about B. With the Romans, who regularly employed only capitals, I served both as vowel and consonant; so also V. The following writers belong here: It probably was not large, and very likely formed a compact racial and linguistic unit for centuries, possibly for thousands of years. Of these,— a p, t, c, k, q are voiceless, [4] i. This language, only recently discovered and identified as Indo-European, was spoken in the districts east of the Caspian Sea modern Turkestan. Livius Andronicus, about B. Hence the home was sought in the elevated plateau to the north. Translation of Homer's Odyssey; Tragedies. The Mutes admit of classification also as Labials,. Treatise on Oratory and Education. Prudentius, flourished A. Seneca, about A. The Period of the Decline, from to the close of literary activity in the sixth century A. Portions of these sacred books may have been composed as early as B. Plautus, about B. The literature of the Tokharian, so far as it has been brought to light, consists mainly of translations from the Sanskrit sacred writings, and dates from the seventh century of our era. Even in this age the language had already become highly developed as a medium of expression. Stages in the Development of the Latin Language. The following authors deserve mention: The precise location of the home of this ancient tribe cannot be determined. The features of the conversational idiom of the lower strata of society invade the literature, while in the remote provinces, such as Gaul, Spain, Africa, the language suffers from the incorporation of local peculiarities. Latin literature begins shortly after B.

Nix latin

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  1. The Sanskrit, spoken in ancient India. It has naturally been much modified by time, particularly through the introduction of many words from the Arabic.

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