Olympus 35 ecr

What I did was to make two small tubes of cardboard, like a mini toilet paper roll. It is not as good as the slightly larger sibling the 35 RD. When this is done, I will run a test film through the camera and post the results here. Oh, it's ok, nothing horrible, but after looking through the EC I don't have an EC2 to compare , you're spoiled. Olympus ECR bottom view The lens takes

Olympus 35 ecr

Just around the lens is a serrated ring which turns to select the film speed. On the end of the top plate is a PC socket. It is smaller and much thinner. Since the rewind is on the bottom, that also means that the frames are 'upside down' for scanning purposes when you load them with the frame numbers right-side up assuming you scan your negs. They do not offer any manual controls - shutter speed and aperture are set automatically. This acts as a battery check feature with a half press of the shutter release. The spot in the rangefinder is green and quite visible making the camera quick and easy to focus. Focusing is done on the lens collar. A shutter lock feature is on the face of the camera to prevent unwanted exposures or meter readings. The front of the camera has an anodised aluminium strip the front of the top plate. When this is done, I will run a test film through the camera and post the results here. It does not indicate that the exposure is good as it still lights if the light sensor is covered. This lights up when the shutter release is pressed part way. With the ECR, the shutter is locked, so at least you do not lose a frame if you try to take a photo when the meter is kaput. Up to fire, down to lock the shutter release. On the right is the frame counter. Pushing this down locks both the shutter to prevent accidental shots and also switches off the light meter to preserve the batteries. This is a chrome button and is threaded for a standard cable release — a conical thread to make fitting easier. The Trip 35 uses no batteries at all. This has two scales — one in metres black and one in feet red — which scale you use depends on the guide number given by the flash gun maker. There are focus stops for 1m, 1. The camera has a serious fault in the film advance. The EC had a nice bright viewfinder. Just about all 35mm cameras of this age use foam seals to prevent light coming in around the join of the back. I do find the designers choice of feature set a little odd, however. Around the shutter housing is the focusing ring which has a fairly short throw of about 15 degrees and focusses from 0.

Olympus 35 ecr

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Kenneth Wajda Buying a Film Rangefinder: OLYMPUS 35RC Camera

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  1. The negatives are all about the density that I would expect but, as they are all more than one exposure, this would suggest that the camera is under-exposing to a significant degree.

  2. Both cameras have a standard shutter release and a thumbwheel wind-on for the film winding. The base of the camera has four items on it.

  3. Incidentally, to date Olympus cameras Olympus Trips and Olympus 35 ECR, at least you take out the film pressure plate and look on the reverse.

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