Of her upcoming venture, Fawzia explains why she chose female wrestling as the main storyline. According to Fatima, her grandmother said, "That's why I always hated that girl. But I've never played the game by the rules. Like, I didn't see people or kids around me feel the same way. They're now living together, and Fatima is a human rights lawyer. She says meeting Kiran gave her the strength to fight — gave her something to fight for.


Fatima says she can understand why her girlfriend made that decision. She married a man. It was an eye-opener. But now there were other problems for the couple, Kiran says. And if some of my roles made other people uncomfortable, so be it. Fatima, a fake name to protect the woman who was interviewed The two dated for years, but always in secret. Says Fawzia on the matter, "I am a Canadian by birth. They would hold hands walking down the street as many women do in Pakistan — it's simply regarded as "sisterly love. In her upcoming film, the Pakistani actor will be seen as the director, producer and an actor, playing the role of the lesbian daughter in a relationship with a Mexican girl, who is a wrestler. However, Fatima says, it is not the law that gays and lesbians fear — it's family and neighbors, whom she suspects murder many gays and lesbians in honor killings. But two months into her marriage, Fatima met another woman, Kiran, and the two fell in love. I am in love with a woman. Zayna added a relationship she had with a female teacher when she was older led her colleagues to threaten they would tell police she was a prostitute if she did not end it. This was despite them being respectful to people of other religions and races. But she is now living a happy life in the UK and works for a management company. The one occasion when I faced protests and threats in Pakistan was when I took the play there. And there are days I think I should just kill myself. She leaned in to share a secret she had revealed to only a few other people before: My character's lover is a Mexican-American, and that's where the wrestling comes," The cast also includes the Bollywood actor Shabana Azmi who will be playing the role of her mother. No one can take away my lineage and my roots from me. Five years ago, Fatima was 23 and studying law in Lahore, Pakistan. What's wrong with you? Heard on Morning Edition Habiba Nosheen The names in this story have been changed to protect the women's identities out of concern for their safety. I realised I need to come out and tell everyone about my story. A Secret Teen Romance Fatima grew up in a house with sisters who were always obsessing over boys, a reality that Fatima says she could never relate to. Last year, one of her earlier works, play Me, My Mom and Sharmila saw a positive response from audiences in Pakistan, however, her play could not be staged in certain areas of the country due to threats. And those that do, run brothels," Kiran says.


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  1. Desk Report The actor reveals the threats she receives for being an open 'Pakistani lesbian' Pakistani comedian Fawzia Mirza, who is currently shooting her lesbian drama Signature Move alongside veteran actor Shabana Azmi, calls herself "a lesbian, Muslim, Pakistani, actor, activist, writer, producer, lawyer and creature of passion," and no matter how the world perceive those labels, she doesn't see that as a threat. In her upcoming film, the Pakistani actor will be seen as the director, producer and an actor, playing the role of the lesbian daughter in a relationship with a Mexican girl, who is a wrestler.

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