Poems for cheaters

He's a low-life rat. Trust me, I know this type. My life is so hard. It has helped greatly. I had the same problem with my first wife of 8 years, but I couldn't walk away. It's a process because I truly loved and trusted and now am healing slowly but surely. Making plans, telling someone else besides your spouse that you love them and want to be with them, and talk about sex and being together. Well you were right about one thing I am made of gold And that girl of yours No matter how much you try To mold her into me She will only ever be pyrite Just a cheap imitation Of the treasure you will never hold Pyrite is a very common mineral that is called fool's gold as many mistake it for gold. You deserve better because you were loyal.

Poems for cheaters

They don't like who they are. It hurts so badly. I really enjoyed working with him and the few friends I told have been nothing but thankful to me for the referral. Why are we as women, so weak to give up when all we get is hurt while they get everything. I found out by going through phone bills he had been looking for almost 2 years. My advice is to leave him. I loved this man for 15 years. The places I wanna see The things I want to know What I want to be told No, you don't know me You can't hold me Or tell me everything's alright When I know you hold her Like you used to hold me You tell her she's made of gold You know her favorite food, her favorite dress And all the other things That you don't know about me I know you've memorized Yet when you turn around Can you even remember my name? Now my current husband is doing the same thing hiding his phone, staying out late, always broke the same day he gets paid. And still is my bible of healing. She has been with more guys since we've been together than I've been with women in my lifetime. These men who've disrespected you and treated you so badly are shallow and very insecure with themselves. It's sad to say, but I still want him. I just wanted to tell you that there are still honest, kind, and good looking guys, like myself out there, who have never cheated on a spouse or girlfriend. I thought we should stay together because of the children. I have never cheated. He refuses to stop talking with every female he has dated or "been with. We divorced after 10 years of married and 3 beautiful children. He makes plans to cheat on me with them, and there are many. If you suspect that he is cheating, he definitely is.. He will do it again god knows I hope he realizes what he will lose for a one night stand I love my husband but one time only. He says he is not doing that anymore but I have no trust for him. I have them in my family I was brought up better than that. There's so much to my story that I could probably write for days, but I thought I'd let you know that you're not alone when it comes to being betrayed by the love of your life. True love is so painful. I haven't caught him yet but I know one day I will.

Poems for cheaters

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