The 26th is the name day for Saint Dimitris. I just do it. The 27th is Saint Crisostomos day. In the village of Skopelos in Lesvos they celebrate the day of Saint Magdeleni. April 8th In Karpathos in the traditional village of Olymbos there is a celebration known as the Lambri Triti. November 14th is the name day for Philippos. May 1st Labor day and the Feast of the Flowers.


But this day is also celebrated in almost every town and village in Greece especially those with a church dedicated to the Panagia Virgin Mary. Pilgrims by the thousands come here to crawl on their knees up the steps to the church that holds the holy Icon. In the Emborio Eordaias Community near Kozani the young men of the village turn out in local national costume dancing popular dances to the accompanyment of traditional musical instruments. There are different activities in the town like dance performances, speeches, brass bands etc. Have you found it entertaining as well as useful? August 6th is the Transfiguration of Christ and the name day for Sotiris. In Arahova near Delphi there is a three day non-stop feast. August Photo by Paul Almasy During the first week of August the town of Kaloni in Lesvos holds its Sardine Festival with fish, ouzo, live music dancing and other events. In Fillatria, near Kyparissia they hold the Vlahernia events during the first ten days of the month. It is a moveble feast and which weekend it falls on depends on when Orthodox Easter was. Each church is devoted to a particular saint and that saint's name day is usually celebrated with a Panigiri festival , and a religious service. Prose and Art Festival in Lefkas. There are Grape festivals in Corinth , Pidni near Katerini, and a wine festival in the village of Ambelona near Larissa. January 17th is Saint Andonis day. Around the 21st of the month is the Chestnut festival of Elos near Kissamos, Crete. All over the country lambs are roasted on a spit and there is wine in abbundance. I just do it. You can find hotels, apartments, rooms and even houses through Booking. On Good Friday the people of the towns and villages carry candles and follow the procession of the Epitaph. In the evening festivities only married couples may take part. These include theatrical performances, dance groups and so on. In Paros the Panagiri coincides with the local wine festival, always a good combination. In Late August on the island of Zante the Aniversary of the island's Patron Saint Dionysious is held with dancing, drinking and fireworks. In the village of Anaxos on Lesvos they celebrate Saint Pandelimos with live music. In Larissia the Eleftheria Festival of popular dances and theatrical performances. In Megara near Athens local women in traditional outfits dance the fishermens Trata. In Assi Gonia near Chania, Crete the religious celebration is folllowed by a sheep-shearing contest among the local shephards.


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