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The Germans in particular began to show great commercial interest in the Samoan Islands, especially on the island of Upolu, where German firms monopolised copra and cocoa bean processing. The previous time zone, implemented on 4 July , operated in line with American traders based in California. Education Nearly all Samoans are literate. Independence [ edit ] After repeated efforts by the Samoan independence movement, the New Zealand Western Samoa Act of 24 November granted Samoa independence, effective on 1 January , upon which the Trusteeship Agreement terminated. For additional treatment in a regional context , see Pacific Islands, history of. In a value-added tax on goods and services was introduced amid great protest. Few early works of siapo bark cloth art, basketry, and featherwork have survived, and handicrafts are now produced only in limited numbers. Justice and security The justice system is headed by a Supreme Court, whose chief justice is appointed by the head of state on the advice of the prime minister. The prime minister is elected by the assembly and appoints a cabinet from among its members.

Samoan websites

For more formal greetings at home, neither person speaks until the visitor is seated. Footracing, cockfighting, tiak darts , and spear throwing are also traditional Samoan sports. The arts Music, dance, tattooing, and oral literature are significant art forms in Samoa. Samoans and other Polynesians have used outrigger canoes since establishing their first island settlements. Kitchens are often located in separate cookhouses. The quake generated a tsunami that flooded Samoa in several waves, causing extensive damage; villages were flattened throughout the islands, and scores of people were killed. Many fale have been replaced by rectangular houses of timber or concrete blocks with walls and windows. The population of Western Samoa is estimated at around , This visit was followed by French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville , who named them the Navigator Islands in Men hold approximately 60 percent of the wage-earning jobs. They are extremely proud of their devotion. The two main islands are of volcanic origin. Contact with Europeans began in the early 18th century. Dominoes are a favorite pastime of Samoan men in both rural areas and towns. A foreign settlement had developed around Apia Harbour by the s. The division was carried out without consulting the Samoan people, and many of them resented it deeply. Supreme Court judges also preside over the Court of Appeal. Western Samoa is made up of two main islands, Upolo and Savai'i, and a few smaller ones. Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa , "… the Samoans are gentle people. There are no walls, but shutters or blinds of braided coconut leaves can be lowered to keep out the blowing rain. The United Kingdom had vacated all claims in Samoa and in return received 1 termination of German rights in Tonga , 2 all of the Solomon Islands south of Bougainville, and 3 territorial alignments in West Africa. For example, the District of A'ana has its capital at Leulumoega. These are the traditional eleven districts which predate European arrival. Although English is spoken by educated Samoans in the city of Apia, it is rarely used by rural Samoans. Village leaders participate in political debates to show off their skill in public speaking. American and Chinese films, the latter with English subtitles, are commonly viewed. The Western Samoan standard of living is hard to describe.

Samoan websites

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  1. Christian missionaries in the 19th century, believing that tattooing was contrary to biblical teachings, eliminated the practice from many Polynesian islands, but Samoans maintained the tradition and helped revive it among Tahitians and other groups in the late 20th century.

  2. There are no walls, but shutters or blinds of braided coconut leaves can be lowered to keep out the blowing rain. Samoans often entertain one another at weddings and other family gatherings with ula, in which two groups alternate between singing and dancing.

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