Sex trafficing south east asia

Leading destinations Alarming trends in human trafficking in East Asia and the Pacific have raised the urgency of dealing with the menace. Armed conflict makes children even more vulnerable. In Thailand and Malaysia trafficking mainly takes the form of sexual exploitation, while in Indonesia forced labor is observed is more prevalent, but both forms of sexual and forced labor can be found. The member Association of Southeast Asian Nations' ASEAN shift towards a formal community with freer movement of trade and capital would increase trafficking risks, she said. Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital. Victims from Southeast Asia have also been found in many other countries around the globe. China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand are destinations from neighboring countries.

Sex trafficing south east asia

Specific causes are those that are limited to the Southeast Asian region or the individual case study country. Forced Labour and Forced Marriage. Similarly, there must be greater effort to address the needs of victims. Pacific Links has trained 9, workers so far, and aims to at least double that number by the end of Ethnic majority migrants from Laos are attracted to the similarities between the two countries and migrate to Thailand where they can assimilate easily. Finally, victims of trafficking receive inadequate protection and assistance. Traffickers have reportedly also preyed on ethnic minorities affected by internal conflicts in Myanmar. Thailand is one of the biggest suppliers of forced labor in the Southeast Asia region and around the globe. In up until , 7 percent of persons convicted were foreign nationals while in that number had risen to 23 percent. Collusion between corrupt government officials and criminal networks is another severe problem. Causes and Implications" June Executive summary" Retrieved from http: The complexity of the challenge means it cannot be tackled by any one actor, such as the state, or by focusing only on one aspect of the issue, such as sexual exploitation or forced labor. It is also recommended that poverty, inequality and discrimination be examined as these factors, depending on prevalence, can lead to trafficking. The Palermo Protocol divides the offense into three components: The UNODC stresses the need to help victims overcome the trauma and stigma associated with trafficking and to build trust in law enforcement, so that victims seek help and cooperate in prosecuting traffickers. The protocol is also used for the assistance and protection of the victims associated with human trafficking, while also creating cooperation between the parties of the state. Most of these workers are undocumented and from different countries of origin than the country they work in. The United Nations has reported that armed groups in the Philippines, including Moro rebels and communists, recruit children, at times through force, for combat and noncombat roles. Forced marriages of young women and girls are rampant in the Mekong region of Cambodia, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Nicola Piper claims the industry's growth throughout the region can be attributed to growing tourism and military bases that dotted the region during times of major wars. Typhoons and other natural disasters are becoming more intense and frequent in Southeast Asia because of climate change, adding to the flow of potential victims, including children who are orphaned or separated from their families. As a result, anti-trafficking policies are not as successful at reducing human trafficking. Victims, not perpetrators, are often the ones who suffer physical abuse and prosecution for illegal migration. Challenges and New Directions Copenhagen, Denmark:

Sex trafficing south east asia

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Eyes Wide Open: Understanding Sex Trafficking

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  1. Traffickers in Southeast Asia are of both genders but in this region female proportions are higher than that of ones in the Americas or in Africa. Females are brought from rural regions of Cambodia and Vietnam to major cities where they are sold or sexually exploited.

  2. In the past, most women trafficked into China were from northern Vietnam, near the Chinese border.

  3. Forced labor in the fishing industry has been widely reported in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The complexity of the challenge means it cannot be tackled by any one actor, such as the state, or by focusing only on one aspect of the issue, such as sexual exploitation or forced labor.

  4. A comprehensive, more human-centered approach compels us to delve deeper into the other drivers of human trafficking, including poverty, severe exploitation, and political repression.

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