Sonagachi ladies

International lobbying would certainly make the Indian govt take notice. Do they provide female drivers? Quite a few are drug users. There are so many women working here, and in the end, everyone is prepared to work without protection for fear of losing trade. But do you really think this will make any impact when half the top brass actually feeds off of these women? These cities have large populations of itinerant workers who all take the diseases they have been infected with back to their villages and families. For those readers who continue to contribute constructive messages and criticism, the comments remain open. I have been here for five years and this is my home.

Sonagachi ladies

I refuse to pay. Police, political leaders, NGOs,social activist, house owners, mafias, Traffickers, pimps and who not. We sit under the TV. We need to give the women respectability. Mainly college boys, lawyers, married men, some goras foreigners , restaurant owners and taxi drivers come. Builders, construction workers, rickshaw pullers, even taxi drivers in Calcutta are mostly from out of town. At times the police raid the brothels but aunty slips them some money and offers her best girls to them. She looks after me, feeds me, even gives me money to buy saris dresses for Durga Puja. AIDS is like a time bomb. I have already experienced exactly the same strategy at the hands of another organization purporting to help women in Calcutta. The wall is painted an ugly green. Competition is high, as almost every day 'dalals' traffickers get 5 to 10 girls as young as 7 years old. I am scared wherever I will be employed, the men will rape me. Will it help in the hand of people who promote a red light area like a zoo? You cannot make a statement about Sonagachi after only an hour in the field. My earlier rates were Rs. No one has yet suggested to go after the clients, the pimps or the police. They usually agree to use condoms but cannot as they find it difficult because of the drugs. In the evening they go home, some to their families. Young men pop their heads through a hole in the opposite wall at regular intervals. He promised to help me. You must not misrepresent this area as a place of misery. India is top of the global list of quickly rising AIDS statistics. I tell people I am a Hindu and that my name is Munni. Since business is slow these days, we parade the streets from 11 am onwards.

Sonagachi ladies

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  1. International lobbying would certainly make the Indian govt take notice. Perhaps in ten years time, the women of Sonagachi will have wrested control from the male-dominated society whose iron grip they feel every time they turn a trick.

  2. We are talking about what women, who have no power over their bodies and lives, who are not free by any definition of the word, want.

  3. How many and what kind of clients visit in a day and how does the business work? International lobbying would certainly make the Indian govt take notice.

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