Spanking in films

With a few exceptions, the portrayal of misguided or evil parents and step-parents who punish children was mainly an Eighties phenomenon. A video clip is available at Dailymotion. Trashy pulp fiction has also been turned into equally trashy films. Video clip at the Internet Archive. In the first six decades of cinema, sexuality was a taboo subject, particularly in films made in America and Britain. Two girls get ruler-smackings from a nun.

Spanking in films

In the end, they overpower him and he receives the same corporal punishment. They also contributed to the Women in Prison and Nunsploitation subgenres. Here, filmmakers took the "nudie-cutie" concept to the next level, churning out scores of comedies and genre parodies with the added allure of softcore or hardcore sex scenes. She swoons as the whip cracks across her breasts and shoulders. The scene begins in traditional comedic fashion before an unsettling and unprecedented element of sadism creeps in. Unlike the hardcore stag films of that era, there is no nudity, sex scenes, or sadism in any of Klaw's films. Later she suffers a quick caning across her back. The inclusion of brutal back floggings of topless or nude female prisoners became a standard ingredient for selling theater tickets. Secretary helped pave the way for The Notorious Bettie Page , another well-received independent film. Californication also from Showtime , did an homage to Secretary with masochistic spanking. These films generally involve a tempestuous, albeit chaste, romance between a difficult, demanding woman and a put-upon man who ultimately loses his temper and gives her a sound thrashing. The Sinister Dwarf aka Abducted Bride is another controversial, and frequently banned, Danish horror film loaded with sex and nudity. The earliest known fetish films showing spanking, bondage, and whipping date back to the s. He finishes with a strong backside smack. For the first time, the negative stereotypes are absent. Two girls get ruler-smackings from a nun. Other independent features like the teen drama Normal Adolescent Behavior: The Ramrodder , a roughie Western, concludes with the long, erotic whipping sequence of an Indian girl who later confesses that she became aroused during her punishment. A Dangerous Method ; drama set in based on the relationships between psychiatrist Carl Jung, his mentor Sigmund Freud, and Sabina Spielrein, the troubled woman who comes between them. The Defilers ; a sadist roughs up his girlfriend and gives her a hard hand spanking. A silent featurette called The Casting Couch c. Beyond Love and Evil , original title La philosophie dans le boudoir , a French film loosely adapted from de Sade's play "Philosophy in the Bedroom". The Marquis played by Keir Dullea vigorously spanks a wench with the flat side of his sabre until it draws blood. The Devil Inside Her is a notoriously perverse blend of porn and occult horror with a strangely reserved switching scene. Independent producers in New York suddenly emerged with a new genre of "roughie" sexploitation films that dared to show all types of psycho-sexual violence and perversions. The camera slowly pans down to the girl's face, revealing that she secretly enjoys it. Post-credits scene added to The Bad Seed

Spanking in films

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  1. Sympathetic portrayals are few and far between. And yet only a few have been properly brought to film.

  2. The semi-pornographic Bare Behind Bars has a brief caning bit, and Island Women aka Rat Island both Italian films from has two brief but harsh caning scenes of nude prisoners.

  3. Both films feature a masochistic female character who willingly endures a series of humiliations and punishments. House of Corpses , the Rob Zombie horror film, shows a ghoulish serial killer museum.

  4. The medical TV series ER showed a dominatrix with broken fingers and her pathetic male slave, who was injured during a suspension bondage session. A video clip can be seen at the Internet Archive.

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