Should we all examine ourselves a little better to try to be a little more nonconformist? So only a few ideas have ever gained traction with white people, the most notable of which being documentary films and public radio. While I was napping, a continuous stream of, "White people are happiest when girbersnooberwhacking together. Encourage them in their efforts, but make it clear that you will not pay money to watch their hobby. They drove Priuses at the time that this book was published.


There are really only four responses that a white person could have to this book: Okay, technically not true but I don't want to go into that! Additionally all of the talks are made available online and as podcasts so that white people are able to watch or listen to them at work or during their commute. Well, actually, this book is a pretty good guide on how to do that. What were we thinking? However, before you start planning out long watching sessions with white people you should be aware of exactly why white people get so excited about the World Cup. This makes them feel superior to other people who don't know as much about girbersnooberwhacking. Though you may be waiting on bated breath for your favorite sport on a global scale, white people like the World Cup because it allows them to pretend they are European for a few weeks, and more importantly, it allows them to get drunk at odd hours. The sport reached its height of popularity in the seventies, thus all but guaranteeing that white people would eventually resurrect it in a fit of nostalgia and irony. However, in the past decade a new item has been added to this very short list-TED Talks. I strongly feel the answer lies in a trashy Paranormal Romance and so I'm off to go read that. This is not necessarily the fact. This is far superior to a hockey game where, at best, they might meet a Canadian. When it comes to talking about the event, it goes without saying that you should probably avoid trying to talk to white people about any of the actual players in the World Cup aside from the biggest stars. Otherwise you will probably be known as a self-centered, dyslexic jerk. Simply say the words Jordan Catalano. And we all know that hipsters aren't technically people. If you know someone who plays on a Roller Derby team, you should treat them like a white person who does improv. Of course, hosting a themed party around one of the games is a sure fire way to increase your popularity with white people, but at the end of the day it does not increase your bottom line. When the activities start, the women will start skating around in a circle. Unless I'm considering opening up a co-op market or a specialized barkery then I really don't see that as an option. It is a bit of a paradox, but it does explain why white people only like Cliff Notes if they are part of some sort of hilarious college story about last-minute studying for an exam. So only a few ideas have ever gained traction with white people, the most notable of which being documentary films and public radio. Should we all examine ourselves a little better to try to be a little more nonconformist? Yeah, I kind of do some of this stuff. Stuff White People Like may be misleading to some because, from the title, they'll expect this book to be about stuff that white people like.


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  1. I have to give him the props because he has the cultural currency. This comes from their dreams to attend a future TED Conference in person.

  2. I don't get my free-trade, tall, double venti, nonfat, soy-frappacino extra hot from my local coffee shop while I read poetry because I'm WHITE but because it makes me a better person than you!

  3. Say them to any white woman, gay white male, or superconfident-in-his-sexuality, irony-loving straight white male, and watch them swoon.

  4. And we all know that hipsters aren't technically people. The show itself was seen as revolutionary for its frank and honest dealings with same- sex relationships, drug and alcohol use among teenagers, and domestic abuse.

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