Symphony space selected shorts

Whether witnessing mischievous cats as they outwit their wicked owners or traveling with a blind magician, these three distinct programs will leave you feeling treated, not tricked. Pritchett and Daniel Okrent. Symphony Space ran the program from to only. Actors from stage and screen performed stories about the pleasures and travails of all the things we love to do—from baking to ballroom dancing, card-playing to movie-watching, and knitting to sex. Source of acquisition Donated by Symphony Space, The largest components of the series are the development, marketing, real estate, and legal files. It also rents out the theater to other presenters and artists at a subsidized cost. Photographs holds images of performers and performances; staff; benefit galas; and the Symphony Space property before, during, and after renovations. Wall To Wall each edition focusing on a different artist or theme eventually became an annual event, as did from Bloomsday On Broadway, in which James Joyce's Ulysses is read aloud by actors and authors.

Symphony space selected shorts

This literary feast touched on romances and coming of age stories, mysteries, adventures, marital woes, and the cozy complications of family life. The events and series are arranged alphabetically by production name, series name e. It contains programs, marketing literature; production information; program proposals; photographs; memos, correspondence with artists and producers; scores; and scripts. Allan Miller resigned as co-artistic director of Symphony Space in Moving, comical, romantic, heart wrenching, heartwarming, and thought provoking, these readings examined the way we live. Administrative information The collection was created and maintained by Symphony Space. The organization went on to produce multi-cultural dance, theater, music, and film programming; events for families and children; and an educational outreach program which presents artists in public schools and produces daytime programs for field trips. The largest components of the series are the development, marketing, real estate, and legal files. Source of acquisition Donated by Symphony Space, The marketing files contain advertisements, press releases, brochures, calendars, postcards, and other promotional literature; correspondence; memos; budgets; proposals; programs; attendance records; audience surveys; publicity schedules; and photographs of performing artists and literary figures, some in performance. Further documentation of Selected Shorts can be found in the marketing files in Series I. Hollywood and stage actors perform adventurous fiction that leads you through a landscape of treachery, madness, and redemption. Researchers are advised to check both series for files related to programming and administration. Delicious Fictions March 26 and 27, Leonard Nimoy, Tim Curry, Denis O'Hare, and Josh Radnor lead this year's lineup of terrific actors reading luscious tales of food and passions, politics, mystery, and deep-sea adventure. Programming Files, for historical documentation of the birth of Symphony Space. The Musical Canvas of Wilfredo Lam. The Isaiah Sheffer files include Sheffer's writings lyrics, poems, parodies, and scripts ; Symphony Space calendars, posters, programs, and advertisements; photographs of Pinchas Zukerman, Malachy McCourt, Stephen Lang, and Abby Newton; and correspondence, clippings, memos, and notes, many dating from to Scope and arrangement The Symphony Space records document the history, operation, and programming activity of the organization through Administrative Files, Programming Files, and Photographs. Some programs were grouped under the categories of Family, Literary, Music, and Dance. At Home May 1 and 2, The annual literary series returned in with a weekend of stories about home. The largest portions of the series are images of the property, performances, and Selected Shorts events. Historical, religious, magical, humorous, beloved, or bewitched—every object tells a story. Pritchett and Daniel Okrent. The case was finally decided in favor of Symphony Space and resulted in a landmark ruling from the New York State Supreme Court affirming the legal principle of the rule against perpetuities. The files contain correspondence, photographs, notes, memos, production information, contracts, performer profiles, audience letters, schedules, budgets, and clippings. Cast and stories are subject to change.

Symphony space selected shorts

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