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After some prodding, Hanna convinces him to meet with his actual father who was portraying himself as "Uncle Jamie". She humiliates Hanna after getting her drunk at their parents' rehearsal dinner. However, Mona manages to kidnap both Alex and Mary and locks them away in her own personal dollhouse in France. Spencer and Ezra escape and Alex is detained. She saw Spencer carrying a shovel and then found Bethany's body. They later have sex in his apartment after Ezra finds out that he has been fired from Hollis.

Talia latin

He goes with Melissa to London for unknown reasons. He paid a private investigator to look into Ali's disappearance, as he was afraid that Melissa had something to do with it since he found out Melissa had been sending Ali threatening text messages. Ella believes in treating her children as friends, not as property. In the sixth episode in season 3, he attends the same church party as Hanna and when Emily arrives, he runs into her and sparks a conversation. Before Alison's death, she and Alison discovered that Aria's father was having an affair with one of his former students, Meredith, who became his coworker at Hollis College. It is revealed that Byron didn't kill Alison, even though she was blackmailing him about the affair. In season 3, Byron and Ella have divorced and Ella has moved out of the house. Earlier, Lucas has some problems and starts to be a bad boy at school; when he is given a letter to give to his parents he drops it into a bin and sets it on fire. However, she ends the affair when she realizes that Tom will never change. She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year. Hanna tells Caleb about this causing Caleb to break off his new relationship with his father, only for "A" to later reveal it was all a set-up. She befriends and starts dating the owner of the brew who is much younger than her. It is revealed that Aria can't have children so her and Ezra make plans to adopt after their honeymoon. They find a video taken inside Alison's room the night she disappeared, and Melissa is shown throwing open the door and yelling "where is she?! Alison told him,"you know what I'm capable of! When Hanna and Emily check on Aria, they too are tricked down into the basement. Kate is shown to possess a malicious streak, with a willingness to use manipulation for her own purposes. Later when Spencer is part of the A-team, she picks up Malcolm from his karate class but is actually kidnapping him. His body goes missing and he is presumed to be in hiding. He seeks Hanna out for dating advice after he becomes involved with a girl named Danielle, however, it is unclear if any relationship developed between them. Caleb Rivers Tyler Blackburn seasons 1—7, Ravenswood is a Rosewood's resident " bad boy " who Hanna seeks out for help in hacking Emily's phone so that she can call Maya, her girlfriend at the time. She saw Spencer carrying a shovel and then found Bethany's body. Later he gets injured, as a result of "A"'s tricks and ends up in hospital. Ezra later tells Jackie to get out of his office when she comes by his office and to stay away from Aria after Jackie makes a comment about his relationship with Aria being "a terrible mistake", and that he wants nothing to do with Jackie again. Friends Andrew Campbell Brandon W. However, the mystery surrounding "A" and Alison's death begin to take a toll on their relationship and that, combined with Sean's treatment of Lucas as well as his attraction to Aria, leads to their breakup.

Talia latin

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