Teardrop harbor freight

There are just so many random things to shape or cut that it can fit in and do the job. I would recommend mounting the axle a little farther forward than 36", however, if you want a tongue box and are going to have significant weighted gear laying on the bed while traveling. Cross bracing is all up with the hole for the vent fan framed in and I made my girlfriend put the vinyl flooring in. The best of the bunch, IMHO, were the homemade models. Of course, there will now be an area in the middle of the frame will no cross members. Warning[ edit ] One option you should never consider is to build a "frameless" trailer i. I was then able to make a replica of the frame for the other side.

Teardrop harbor freight

I also put 2" styrofoam between the joists, I don't think I took pictures of insulating it. Base is complete, I added some metal brackets to help stiffen up the walls. Indeed, Kuffel Kreek , a provider of teardrop trailer plans, lists several must-have Harbor Freight tools one should get before starting, including a brad nailer , air shears and angle grinder. The reason for moving the axle is 2 fold. It has 12 inch 4 lug spoked wheels and leaf spring suspension. All the steel frame parts are "C" channels and the cross members will slide right into the inside of the side member as they are dimensionally smaller. I can tell you that having the axle 36 inches from the rear of the trailer will give you about pound tongue weight fully loaded with camping gear stored behind the axle in the galley. You don't want any chance that your trailer will fall apart on the road and injure another person. I started out the build planning a 4x8 but my girlfriend really wanted that extra foot, so I went 5x8 via a pressure treated 2x4 frame. Other Trailer Options[ edit ] Lowering the trailer[ edit ] Some builders of teardrops desire a more lowered look reminiscent of trailers built in the 40's and 50's. You may consider cutting one of the cross members in half and use the half pieces for joining the side rails. If you have bolts sticking up on top of the rails, you will need to make reliefs in your wooden trailer bed. Today you can find a number of websites for plans some free! Of course, there will now be an area in the middle of the frame will no cross members. They remind me of the Pinewood Derby race cars we made as kids—there were always a couple that hijacked the event, they were so amazing. Leave me comments and let me know things I've left out or future suggestions. They are the 6 inch pieces of angle iron perpendicularly welded to the leaf spring mounts. There are just so many random things to shape or cut that it can fit in and do the job. I just used the same wood flush cutting bit for my little trim router and it worked pretty well. This may avoid the overlap. Torsion axles are simple to install with only four bolts, and are available in stock sizes from outlets such as Northen Tool and Tractor Supply, however these axles lightest load is pounds. Suspension parts have been selected by the manufacturer based on loads and strengths for the given application. Turned out to be pretty easy with one of those multitool vibrating things. But the payoff is awesome, and your teardrop trailer will retain its value much longer than any other RV on the road. The bad news is that you will still have to drill new holes for mounting it. Lookin pretty sweet eh? Harbor freight trailer 5x8 teardrop camper build DIY by chilltastic1 Feb 21 The first of many trips to home depot to get supplies.

Teardrop harbor freight

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My completed Teardrop camper!!

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  1. When I asked Steve Edling, the site owner, to use a picture of Woody for this article, he graciously consented and added that a number of Harbor Freight tools were also used in its creation. Classic custom teardrop trailer[ edit ] If you really want the classic teardrop trailer look then you really need to make or buy a trailer frame and use torsion axles.

  2. The harbor freight trailer that would become the base of my teardrop worked well for picking up the bulkier items. Probably one of my most used tools so far.

  3. To make the Harbor Freight folding 4x8 trailer a non-folding trailer, simply take the 2 crossmembers originally used in the middle where the trailer folds and place them inside the side members which will be end-butted to join the side members together. You don't want any chance that your trailer will fall apart on the road and injure another person.

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