Trucker chat rooms

He smiled at me when he entered the rest room and then moved over to the urinal at the end of the row and unzipped his pants. I know that he works on Beamers too. I can drive you there and back, and he can get this baby fixed quick like. Now Tommy wanted to take me to the local Truck Stop and trade me off to a few chosen hot trucker friends and other men. Luckily I saw the sign for a turnoff into a rest area in the next mile, because he just kept on sucking and rotating his fingers in my ass. It was my first time to suck off anonymous cocks and I loved it.

Trucker chat rooms

The incident that I related began about 5 miles South of the interchange while we were traveling North. God, look at you. This is just what I needed. I knew he could go longer this time so I took my time and sucked on him for another 10 minutes until I knew he was about ready to shoot me a second load. You think you can take my baby maker up you firm round ass later on? He nearly tore down that wall. Suck it like a new born calf. By the end of that session my lips were swollen and my belly was full of hot man cum. When he had slowed to 50 MPH, he immediately sped away and turned his lights off including his tail lights. I slapped at the hand with one of mine, causing the car to swerve a bit on the pavement. The top was down on the roadster, and I propped my left leg up on the top of the windshield and just lay my head back on the head rest while Perry finished blowing me off and playing with his fingers in my ass. As I was enjoying his soft penis I felt some warm liquid seeping from his dick. I pulled his dick and balls thru the hole and licked the sweet juice from his dick and ran my tongue around the big cockhead to savor his manhood. Now only was he hung, he was cute as a button. Since I had started living with my brother, I had experienced sexual things I had only dreamed about. They were using me as a cum dump to empty their nuts. I felt trapped, wondering what would be the lesser of the evils of this situation. I quickly put it back into my mouth to savor the remaining spunk. Jake and my brother started chatting in a low voice but when Jake took a quick look at me, I knew right away that I was the subject of their conversation. The truckers name was Jake. He had a beautiful and perfect shaped dick. Damn that feels so fucking good. After the fifteen minutes, I turned the key in the ignition, planning to drive around to the front of the facility. Soon Jake came into the booth, stood next to the glory hole and unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi-hard dick about 8 inches long. I had already grown accustomed to the taste, and being he was such a hot man, I drank down his warm piss without a second thought. He shot so much cum out of his prick that it run down my chin and onto his balls and my hand.

Trucker chat rooms

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