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Handling taps Next we want our text view to switch it's state to full mode if we tap on "Read more" text. The three main issues were: Interface Builder This is the easiest part 'cause all we need to make our component to update in Interface Builder and to set it's properties in Attributes Inspector is to add IBDesignable and IBInspectable directives. Each message has a corresponding CALayer associated with it. You can check out source code on github. NSAttributedString manages character strings and associated sets of attributes such as font, color etc. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Finally let's add code that will trim text:

Uitextview background image

Then we find the range that we should replace with "Read more" text and if it's not empty we replace text in this range with trimText prefixed by " You can check out source code on github. The main thread processes bitmaps. Out of all the features in Twitch with rich text requirements, channel chat was the feature that required the most care to keep up performance. The expectation to have a responsive chat during video playback requires us to have a rich text implementation that minimizes the burden on the main thread and does not leave a big memory footprint. We also have to invalidate layout information to properly calculate the range of text to trim. Component's interface As mentioned earlier we want our component to have maximum number of lines in trimmed mode and a string to trim text. The main thread processes bitmaps in the order received and updates the UI. If these sort of challenges interest you, we are hiring! However this offered no advantages in terms of performance or memory since UITextView rendered using a web view under the hood. For the sake of expediency and acceptable performance, our first implementation was based on UIWebView, but its high in-process memory usage would result in the app being jettisoned while the user was engaged in a broadcast. Scrolling in a chat, dense in images no longer stutters. Layout threads processing rendering events The layout queue is backed by a pool of background threads. Although this improved performance, the main thread was still saturated during fast chats due to the other expensive calculations mentioned earlier. When user taps on "Read more" the component will switch from trimmed mode to full mode. The average main thread usage in our custom background layout enabled implementation is significantly lower than the corresponding custom UITextView implementation. It turns out that to fix that we need to disable scrolling and editing in our text view. A CALayer can be thought of as the backing drawing unit of a view. Recently I wrote a small overview about using this feature of playgrounds. NSAttributedString manages character strings and associated sets of attributes such as font, color etc. Let's define a function that will create and return this view. Also you might see how it's possible to develop components just in playgrounds. Handling taps Next we want our text view to switch it's state to full mode if we tap on "Read more" text. As can be visibly seen, lots of image attachments causes responsiveness during scrolling to be greatly compromised. Creating main view To display something in Assistant Editor we will creat a main view. You can easily extend this component to add for example attributed trim text property so user can customize it's appearance.

Uitextview background image

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Swift : How to set placeholder text to UITextview and UITextfield.

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  1. I will not go through details of TextKit, for more details on TextKit check out objc. This caused the main events queue to get saturated and UI related events such as a scroll event to be processed with significant delay, resulting in subFPS frame rates.

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