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Meanwhile, not only is the physical environment duplicated between the different dimensions, but so are the presenters and event hosts. How it works When it comes to packing a large number of avatars into a single area, there are two main challenges to overcome. That includes the ability for users to move between dimensions, he said. The next Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention is scheduled for late February, he said, with around 15, people expected to attend. He or she will be looking at avatars that represent real people. Another problem is that every avatar has to be able to see and interact with other avatars — and the number of potential interactions increases much faster than the number of avatars, requiring significant computing resources.

Utherverse sign up

At first, adult content proliferated online, but gradually mainstream business has come to dominate the environment. Utherverse also has basic in-world editing tools which can be used to move objects around, and make them bigger or smaller. Their reality is one world that co-mingles the two. They will know if they are talking to an intimate small audience or a standing room only crowd. Using its experience creating virtual world environments, the company has managed to create a virtual trade show platform that very closely mimics a real world event. Just like a face-to-face event. The Distributed Scene Graph would be an extra feature, only available for OpenSim, at an extra charge, and only from some hosting providers. Will virtual events eventually replace our real world events? The full implementation will be unveiled in late December, and rolled out into production in the second quarter of next year. How much does it cost? That said though, I can see conference and expo organizers offering a virtual event alternative for those who are not able to attend the real world event or to appeal to a younger attendee. The opening party, for example, drew 2, simultaneous attendees. By adding sufficient servers, a single region can hold up to 1, avatars or more. While businesses have come to accept that they have to share the Internet with the pornography industry, some have balked at sharing a more specific virtual space such as VWW with adult-only enterprises. Users can also build new objects out of basic building blocks, but with a smaller set of possible manipulations than Second Life or OpenSim. Rollout schedule Portions of the technology have already been used for events, Shuster said. The events industry does itself a huge disservice by not embracing technologies such as Utherverse. Show organizers will never run out of exhibit space. Virtual-Vancouver hosts art gallery auction in two worlds Utherverse, a Vancouver-based virtual world hosting firm, will launch a PG version of its Virtual World Web on Wednesday to host university programs, conventions, corporate training and church services in a 3-D online environment. For example, you could create a first time attendee networking event that would meet in a specific chat room at a designated time. Meanwhile, not only is the physical environment duplicated between the different dimensions, but so are the presenters and event hosts. Attendees enter a virtual auditorium for a presentation only to view a webinar or webcast. Not just in the components, but the real world interaction as well. The avatars create a significant difference from how the experience feels on other virtual show platforms. Booth space no longer has the same restrictions of the real world. An audience at the Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention. And the second problem has recently been solved by Intel with its Distributed Scene Graph technology, which is distributed as part of OpenSim and available on customer request from OpenSim hosting vendors like Dreamland Metaverse.

Utherverse sign up

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  1. You can sell a booth for your virtual car show that has a door that opens into a giant virtual showroom where the virtual attendees can test drive a car. A typical Utherverse convention draws between 6, and 8, visitors, he said.

  2. A presenter, for example, can bring an empty chair onto a stage in order to hold a conversation with it. Booth space no longer has the same restrictions of the real world.

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