Why does a narcissist suddenly go silent

I understand that it reminds you of the abuse and, in a very twisted way, his hoovering after such a long time was intended to do this. We forget what normalcy feels like. I allowed my ex to pull this abusive song and dance for a decade. Wayne knew exactly what he was doing! My daughter rejected him and he just dissapeared. The tears, exasperation, loneliness etc is worth not having to experience the Narcissistic Cycle…for life.

Why does a narcissist suddenly go silent

But it still hurts. He stalked me for 6 months until I succeeded at blocking him everywhere including phone, social media and email. God help us all. Hello C, Thank you for writing and I have a feeling that you know exactly what to do if he does return again. I was amazed that this was an actual condition and that another human being had experienced the very same torment I had. Cut the ties that bind! They are in it for the feed. But now that we know it…. May 14, at 2: My daughter rejected him and he just dissapeared. I have told him he is loved by my whole family but he says his anger has got out of control. He is a teenager who obviously has issues that are not your problem. May 7, at May 9, at 9: I did the same thing and it saved me. They were terrible friends. Thank you for sharing, sister! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just go silent and block, block, block. He has been rude to me even saying i have stalked him. Good for you for not responding to the post-three year disappearance. It is completely horrifying and devastating to watch them walk out the door, but healing does take place over time. If he comes to the door, run in the other room and stick your fingers in your ears until he goes away. By Zari Ballard Feeling attached to a narcissist or sociopath even though he treats us badly is a constant source of angst for those in recovery from toxic relationships. Zari xo C February 10, at 3:

Why does a narcissist suddenly go silent

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Why Narcissists Disappear (Hint: It's not just the silent treatment)

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