Women of minsk

But this also means that there are many Belarus girls who visit those places on purpose to meet foreigner. The most experienced guy in the group recommends the whole list of actions, that includes search for Belarus girls, having fun and sex. One Italian also shares his experience by saying he visits Italian restaurant in Minsk, because there are many beautiful Belarus girls who are pretty easy to get in bed, you only need to buy her a beer, or have a vodka and dinner with her, make some compliments and she is yours. Unmarried girls would not sit at the corner of the table or try a wedding dress on for fun. Belarusian girls and women tend to be more independent from men and have more style than their counterparts in Russia and Ukraine. They are strong long-livers The average life expectancy of women in Belarus is 77 years, almost ten years more than of men. He goes to the disco, finds a girl he likes, buys her a drink.

Women of minsk

No wonder Belarusian men are often to be spoiled by the treasure they are surrounded by day in day out. But this also means that there are many Belarus girls who visit those places on purpose to meet foreigner. The second place by Turkish men — 13 weddings with Belarusian women. Belarusian babushkas are something! They are taught to respect gender roles when a man is considered to be the breadwinner and a woman does the main share in the housework and brings up children. Italians are eager to find easy girls in Belarus and they even have special web sites, where give advices to other Italians how to pick up a girl in Belarus, how to get visa, where to rent a cheap flat in Minsk, what places are the best to find Belarus girl for night. They are tall Belarusians are in the list of the top nations with the tallest women , their average height being cm. Then they talk about nothing and everything — all at once. He gives advice to say many compliments and to say you like her a lot or even felt in love from the first look. They are caring wives and mothers Many Belarusian women are marriage-oriented and value family relationship highly. Young Belarusian mothers would hide their babies from strangers because, you know, someone might cast an evil spell on them! So men of which countries Belarus girls prefer? But Belarus is also a contry that has strict political regime and old fashionate Soviet style pretty much everywhere, that is why foreign guy is a prince for many Belarus girls and they are eager to spend time with foreigner. Superstitions everywhere Belarusian women are often superstitious — even about the number of flowers they are given! And the fact is he did not pay a dime, he only picked them up and had conversations and so on. If you want to be exotic tourist in Belarus, first of all you have to find a company to go. He goes to the disco, finds a girl he likes, buys her a drink. There is high pressure upon Belarusian women in what regards marriage, especially from the family and other distant relatives. There is a special type of a Belarusian woman — a Belarusian babushka. They are beautiful and incredibly charming When someone tells you that the Belarusian women are the most beautiful, they really mean it. In Belarus there are many women in top managerial positions and in politics. Marriages are much rare. They dress like models, work full time, come home to take care of their family. They are superwomen capable of anything A Belarusian woman meets the deadlines, brings up children, keeps the house and looks like a superstar at the same time. But then she starts talking about economics, latest news or about her desire to run a restaurant someday. Here are some facts that will help you understand Belarusian women better and explain why Belarusian men must be the luckiest in the whole world!

Women of minsk

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Beautiful girls of Belarus on the Minsk city streets

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