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A broadband transmission system using octet packets over a cell-switched network at speeds up to 2. ARQ Automatic repeat request. Also called high-performance routing. Ones density is not maintained independent of the data stream. Landmark packet-switching network established in Areas are usually connected to other areas via routers, making up a single autonomous system. Amplitude is usually measured from a reference point of 0.

Www cmi lmi com kingdom html

See also companding and mu-law. This layer provides services to application processes such as electronic mail, file transfer, and terminal emulation that are outside of the OSI model. Communication technique in which the receiving device detects errors and requests retransmission. Architecture The sum total of all of the specifications, protocols and implementations that define a particular networking system. A-law is used primarily in European telephone networks and is similar to the North American mu-law standard. Asynchronous transmissions usually encapsulate individual characters in control bits called start and stop bits that designate the beginning and end of each character. Generally expressed in decibels. Alias A file whose sole purpose is to represent another file. Asynchronous A system of communication in which each discreet delivery of information establishes its own timing impulse rather than having to conform to the timing impulse of previous deliveries. Modulation technique whereby information is conveyed through the amplitude of the carrier signal. AT commands Transmission A set of commands that control a modem or alter its characteristics. Ambient Referring to a set of conditions that exist independently of the system of interest. See also primary station and secondary station. Sometimes called all-rings explorer packet, See also explorer packet, local explorer packet, and spanning explorer packet. Algorithm A set of rules and decision structures for actions in a specifically defined set of circumstances. Transport-level protocol that allows reliable request-response exchanges between two socket clients. Attributes might be preset or user-configurable. Anomaly An unusual instance or circumstance. Protocol that provides Macintosh users direct access to information and resources at a remote AppleTalk site. Function that supports the automatic resolution of spanning trees in SRB networks, providing a single path for spanning explorer frames to traverse from a given node in the network to another. Attribute Configuration data that defines the characteristics of database objects such as the chassis, cards, ports, or virtual circuits of a particular device. A system of higher- level protocols used for the transmission of data and authentication between applications. Areas are usually connected to other areas via routers, making up a single autonomous system. Authority Zone Associated with DNS, an authority zone is a section of the domain-name tree for which one name server is the authority. Archive A storage of infrequently-used or historical data. AppleTalk Low Overhead Encapsulation. Compare with Isochronous transmission, plesiochronous transmission, and synchronous transmission.

Www cmi lmi com kingdom html

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  1. AT commands Transmission A set of commands that control a modem or alter its characteristics. The former replies to requests from programs requiring communication; the latter establishes sessions between programs.

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